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Neko Hunters

Written by on June 5, 2019

The genetics of the band started out in Tacloban City where most of the members came from. GE(Hoka Ge) plays rhythm guitars for the Band Silverlining, the resident shredder ACHIM(Achim) was the lead guitars for Dulos, and ACE(A.C.E.) does vocals for Emannon. They started as contemporaries and friends who play in different groups and oftentimes find themselves competing with each other during Battle of the Bands.
Fast forward to 2018, most of them decided to go to the metro and work for different BPO companies. At this point most of them were bandless thus upon being aware that fellow musicians from Tacloban were also in Manila, Ge decided to organize a jam session to blow off steam inviting Achim and Ace. Jypsy another friend from Tacloban manned the bass and had a session Drummer in order to play for the Bands 1st gig which was Otaku Musika 2018 under the Name “Bel-Z-Bub”.
The band then decided that a permanent drummer should be in order thus Ace went online to find one. There he unwittingly stumbled upon a scratch jam video posted by KULAS(Dr. Jackal) the former bassist of the longtime Cavite punk band Blackbored. After talking about it and jamming they decided to take him in to the group as the resident Turntablist. After sometime ROWEL(Sticky Rowel) formerly a multi-instrumentalist for various showbands, responded to a drum add posted by ACE and after a colorful jam session, everyone was impressed with his chops and thus it was unanimous that he be the bands permanent drummer.
At this point the band dropped the old band name which it deemed too heavy and decided to take on a new one, something relevant to the masks they put on when they play music thus the NEKO HUNTERS was born. On November of 2018 the Band decided to work on their first original record entitled “SUPER VILLAIN” and its corresponding music video which was released on December 2018. During this time, Jypsy the bands bassist then decided to pursue a different musical direction. Devoid of a bassist, ALLEN(Bestfriend Allen) a former jam buddy of Ace for a side project filled up the spot which completed the current line up of the band.
The band in terms of musical taste is a kaleidoscope. Ace, Ge and Allen were influenced by OPM and Alternative Rock, Achim for the most part was into shred guitar music, Rowel plays standards, pop and classic rock, and Kulas was heavily into punk rock and a bit of scratch breaks and beats. Despite this differences these people share a common appreciation for J-pop and anime soundtracks and thus was their common denominator, a starting ground to fuse their musical knowledge, to forge and create something new in the process.

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